How to Reload a Used Disposable Camera


A short video that show how to reload used disposable cameras and how to do multiple exposures with some models.

This is a Konica disposable camera that you can reload and do multiples exposures. See this little video on youtube that explain it without a word (to be more universal, because I only speaks Portuguese).

With some work you can reload almost any disposable camera. No special tools, no mods, no surgical interventions. All you need is a new film, a little screw driver and a empty disposable camera like the Konica brand (at this time, only Kodak cameras need some modification, that i working on to solve).

Good Luck!

PS Do it in a dark room or in a changing bag (remember that films are sensitive to light) So you might need some training with this trick before you try real film in the dark.

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    Beware of the electric shok while working with disposable cameras with flash!! don't touch any metallic terminal inside the camera! I've experienced this and is not funny at all, believe me!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Yay cool video !

  3. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    konica wai wai?

  4. hewzay
    hewzay ·

    listen to superlighter. you get shocked and you know about if for sure.

  5. hobotom12
    hobotom12 ·

    agreed with the shocking....IT HURTS.

  6. arcadiobuendia
    arcadiobuendia ·

    +1 man. that shock. don't wanna remember.

  7. systemdevice
    systemdevice ·

    Remove the battery from the camera and leave the camera alone for three-four days. The energy from the flash capacitator eventually drains itself and you won't get that electric shock. To be sure, leave the camera without battery for a week. :) Been there, done that.

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