Longmen Village (near Hangzhou), China


Charming old houses, water canals, and just a few tourists – this is what you can expect from Longmen Village.

If you are in Hangzhou and have a time for a day trip – Longmen Village is a safe (and personally recommended) choice: charming old houses, water canals and less tourists (the place is not even in the Lonely Planet for some reason at the time of writing – though I did sent them a message) will definitely quench your tourist thirst :)

To get there: take a bus from Hangzhou to FuYuan (1 hour, 5-7Y), then a local bus to FuYuan West Station (Xi Zhan in Chinese) (5-10 minutes, 1Y), then to Longmen (30 minutes, ~5Y).

As a more comfortable pricey alternative choose an organized tour for 99Y. The last bus from Longmen village to FuYuan is near 16:30 o’Clock. If you’ll be lucky like us – you’ll take the last bus back to Hangzhou. Be risky or come early enough :)

PS: regarding the B/W Diana photos: beware of X-Rays

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Nice grainy B&W ! And I like N°7 too !

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