The Social, London

Discover music, drinks, and a great night out in possibly one of the most unassuming bars in London.

This must be one of the most unassuming bars in London, however, The Social offers you so much more than the standard east end hipster hut in Soho.

An unmarked toilet, individual dimmer switches for the booths, a club downstairs with all the hippest unknown artists, known only by the hippest of the hip, (if possible, claim that you have heard of any band that is playing that evening 2 years ago when they were playing a small gig down in Croydon’ and then snort).

There’s also an entrance full of free papers. All of these mean that The Social can take care of your east end craving, whilst staying in the rather more understated West end.

5 Little Portland Street
Nearest Tube – Oxford Circus

written by markfappleton on 2011-12-05 #places #location #london-city-guide-lcg-london-the-social #night-on-the-town-west-end

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