The Royal Oak, London

Want to discover a lively pub in East London that’s simple, straightforward but a great place to meet your friends and enjoy a drink? The Royal Oak might be just the place. Read on to find out more!

This is probably the most straightforward tip I’ll give you for the London City Guide. Put simply, The Royal Oak is a really nice pub to have a drink in, meet some mates, and perhaps enjoy a meal.

No, it’s not an old man boozer with a rowdy onstage karaoke – I’ll go to the Birdcage down the road for that, nor is it your last resort for an early hours watering hole.

The Royal Oak, quite simply, is a lively pub in East London where you could happily spend all evening or by the same token, meet someone for one drink. Nightlife in London doesn’t always have to be a mile a minute, remember!

73 Columbia Road
E2 7RG
Nearest Rail – Hoxton

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