A Chip Off The Old Block: A Tribute to My Mother


I learned from her the way to enjoy every single moment, day by day, just as she did until she left. Every time I return to my hometown, there is always someone who talks to me about her and even old people call me by her name. All of them say that my mother and I look very much alike.

When she was 14, my mom won some money in soccer pools and she bought a bicycle, an Olivetti typewriter and a Nerasport camera. As you can imagine, I learned to ride on that old bicycle. She told that one day she left her new bike lying on the floor at the front door and a tractor run over it. But a mechanic worked on it with his hammer and the bike was as good as new… and it was really good for me. Because of this little accident, she was always telling me off if I didn´t park the bicycle correctly.

I also learned to type on the Olivetti with the same old book that she did. But until last year, that I discovered Lomography, the old Nerasport had not got my attention. I also got my first camera when I was 14, but it was a 35 mm film camera that was the most popular in those days. So my mother´s camera was left in the bottom of a drawer for years.

When I rescued the camera last year, its case was falling apart. So I decided to spend my money and I went to a traditional cobbler and I asked him to make a new leather case. And now I keep it as my favourite treasure in memory of my mother.

Of course I take photos with it and I love the results. Each film I shoot is a tribute and makes me feel closer to her.

Credits: deprofundis

written by deprofundis on 2011-11-24 #lifestyle #memories #bike #camera #bicycle #mother #memory #mom #typewriter #nerasport

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    Lovely story! :D

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