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The first Golden Rule of Lomography is clear: Take your camera everywhere. And everywhere means also to gameshows like Lingo in the Netherlands. Ok, Chris and I failed hard as a team, I have to admit. But nevertheless I used the situation in another positive way. Curious how? Read on…

It always goes like this. Somebody – on a wild night – signs up online for a game, and 3 years later you get invited to actually join the television show. This happend to us. We were selected to participate in the infamous Lingo gameshow on the Dutch television. Of course, it was just one big joke and no, we did not take it very seriously — unlike our opponents. And the tiny screen in front of us did not help us either. I hardly could read the letters. Bloody ‘BEUGEL’ – damn, how could I miss that?

Anyway, the fun part of this story is how our television adventure eventually ended. Before the recordings we were informed multiple times about the very strict trade-mark policies of public TV channels. We were under no circumstances allowed to make any advertisements for clothing brands or any other items. But hey, a tiny story about the Lomography community — that isn’t advertisement? Wanna know how this turned out? Watch this clipping of the introduction part of the show.

Still, I managed to introduce the Lomography phenomenon to 580.000 Dutchies with a plate on their lap on Thursday November 10th, 2011.

Oh and that picture I took in the show, it didn’t turn out pretty well. A shaky Lucile Werner was the result.

The flash didn’t go off and the tungsten film with the Lomo LC-Wide isn’t a good combination in a dark television studio.

After losing the first round I quickly took another picture from the ground, with a working flash.

Have you also had such a crazy/weird experience like me at Lingo? Then post your story via this link as a lifestyle article in our magazine and share your story + photos with the rest of the community!

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  1. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    winner! great job. :)

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    bobby_sekeris ·

    wat leuk!

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    mephisto19 ·

    uh yeah!

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