Holga 120N: Sound of Shots

It was all the fault of user troch and his beautiful shots. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. My curiosity was piqued and so the hunt began. My prey? Holga 120N, a must have to complete the trilogy of the toy camera room.

Photo via Holgarama

Before, I had not given any thought on the Holga 120N, but when I saw these pictures, my interest had greatly increased.

A piece of the trilogy (Diana F+, Holga, and the LC-A) that could not be missed: the spartan way beyond, plastic lens (N precisely identifies the name, and G stands for glass lens), all black in color. Personally, when holding it, I had the feeling that, as a toy, it is a little more solid than the “Diana F+”: I remember the face that I made when I picked up the Diana F+ for the first time, imperceptible almost, and though about how light it was.

The opening of the casing looks a bit like the Ferrania Eura (or actually the other way around?). I love to follow my feelings and emotions, and often it happens that the cameras I pick all sound the same in the time of shooting … Well the Holga won me over immediately at the first shot, strangely, with her plasticky sound.

I had read many reviews and seen many pictures as to the effect of the famous “dreamy effect” of Holga cameras. Well, I wanted to be able to experience first-hand this special effect.

The first film I picked was a classic black and white film: Ilford HP5 + 400 ISO (obviously an easy choice for easy retrieval, but also enjoyable for contrast and texture). Judge for yourself and imagine my expression when I saw these shots: really beautiful photos, still-life rich in vignetting, random light leaks (remember to close the back tightly after you load your film roll, and secure it with the help of duct tape). There’s no particular problem with light sources like the sun.

I do not know if you understand, but I have a crush on this camera!

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