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See how you can save somebody’s eyesight!

3 Years of Saving Eyesight

On the 3rd anniversary of the LomoKikuyu project we want to thank you because with your help we’ve managed to save the sight of 1,000 people! We want to celebrate by pushing the campaign forward with a new drive to save 1,000 more people’s eyesight in 2009!

To kick it all off we’ve produced a short LomoKikuyu video to inspire you to support and spread the word to everyone! Take a look!

LomoKikuyu – it’s good to see (again). A Lomography Social Project. from Lomography on Vimeo.

Just by spending 30 EUR/ USD on the LomoKikuyu “Good to See (Again)” book,you pay for the operation that will save a person’s eyesight! All the money goes directly to the Kikuyu Eye Hospital. Please forward this email to your friends to raise awareness.

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A Re-Cap on LomoKikuyu so Far

To re-cap – in 2006 Lomography teamed up aid organisation, Light for the World and a tiny eye hospital in a Kikuyu, Kenya, which does the amazing work of saving the eye-sight of thousands of people.
Lomography created the LomoKikuyu Book, which presents over 1,000 awe-inspiring Lomographs taken by Lomographers, hospital staff and patients.

The book documents the story of the eye hospital – and reveals eyesight, not only as one of life’s profound happiness-givers, but also as being fundamental to self-sustainability, independence and ultimately survival.

How many people’s eyesight saved so far – 1,000!
How much raised so far: 30,000 EUR/ $ US
Target for 2009 – Save 1,000 more people’s sight!

Open Up Your Eyes to Reality

Did you know that 90% of the 37 million sufferers of blindness and the 180 million with sight-diseases are from developing countries? Seventy-five per cent of the conditions that lead to blindness or impairment are completely curable.
Lack of money, doctors, nurses, surgical instruments and infrastructure mean the vast majority of sufferers resign themselves to a life of darkness and dependence on relatives.

Light For the World has had remarkable success in helping to restore sight and prevent blindness in the poorest regions of the world. With your continued support they hope to make 2009 a record-breaking year.

Through 85 community-based projects throughout Africa, Latin America, Asia and South East Europe, Light For the World have succeeded in saving the eyesight of 30,000 people. The charity also provides aid, care and empowerment for 10,000 children with disabilities.

What Can You Do to Help?

1) It’s really important to us that as many people as possible become aware of the project. Therefore, if you or your business contribute 100 EUR/ USD we will send you 10 LomoKikuyu Books so you can pass them on to colleagues, business associates, relatives, friends, neighbours…

The idea is that you, personally, will finance 3 operations with this contribution (as each operation costs 30 EUR/ USD), however, your contribution will be much more because through distributing the LomoKikuyu books you will encourage more people to donate and demonstrate how easy it is to save someone’s eyesight. Donation enquiries should be sent to ==customerservice@lomography.com==":customerservice@lomography.com

2) If you are a company or wish to make a larger donation please send your enquiries to ==customerservice@lomography.com==":customerservice@lomography.com

3) Forward the LomoKikuyu video to your friends and social network contacts.

4) If you have any project ideas or suggestions, please write to ==customerservice@lomography.com==":customerservice@lomography.com

Buy the Book, Save Somebody’s Eyesight

It’s that simple. Your 30 EUR/ USD spend saves someone’s eyesight and gives you the LomoKikuyu “Good to See (Again)” book, a lasting memento of how essential the gift of sight really is. Students and school children can contribute 15 EUR/ USD and receive the book for half price.

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Inspire Someone with the Kikuyu Video

The LomoKikuyu video was created from footage of when Lomography visited the Kikuyu Eye Hospital and shows exactly how intrinsic your contributions are to the lives of the Kikuyu patients. Help raise awareness by sharing the video link by posting it on your social networking sites, blogs, and other accounts!

LomoKikuyu – it’s good to see (again). A Lomography Social Project. from Lomography on Vimeo.

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  1. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    this is just very inspiring. thank you LSI.

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Congrats to the project directors ! You can be proud of yourselves !

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