Doubles to Get You Up in the Clouds


Double exposure shots with clouds as background has been my signature shot simply because I love shooting clouds and walking around the city. I love how cloud formations have such a nice contrast against the blue sky. Thanks to film photography and Lomo cameras, I now have a way of immortalizing this wonder of nature and at the same time, double exposing it against ordinary things I encounter.

The big question is what do you shoot first? The clouds or the intended foreground element? In most instances I shoot the clouds first because as I mentioned, it is what catches my attention… the clouds. Then as I continue walking, I find a suitable subject. It’s a random choice.

In this photo, I shot the clouds first, followed by the second exposure as I was going through a corridor.

The beauty of having the clouds and sky as background is it’s plain yet interesting formation (I said it again). Both clouds and sky provide contrasting colors that allow the foreground elements to both stand out and fade into the background. By the way, Kodak Ekta- and Elitechromes capture very nice deep blue colors. A few more photos to state my case…

Credits: stitch

For anyone who loves the double exposure technique, the “up in the clouds” doubles technique is literally right up your alley. Just keep your eyes peeled for heavenly cloud formation.

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  1. welland
    welland ·

    yes im digging them

  2. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    Great technique -- so simple yet so stunning!

  3. weechonghooi
    weechonghooi ·

    I like this idea.. :)
    THanks for the tips. :)

  4. stitch
    stitch ·

    @welland @dearjme @weechoinghooi you're welcome happy doubles shooting ;)

  5. nicoleger
    nicoleger ·

    cool! You've answers my doubts on which to shoot first!

  6. erikagrendel
    erikagrendel ·


  7. therikster
    therikster ·

    This is an AWESOME tipster! So excited to try it. Thank you for sharing :)

  8. martymcdie
    martymcdie ·

    this it brilliant!! thank you

  9. boobert
    boobert ·

    i was so impress the first time i saw those shots, i have to try it ...…
    Great tipster as well.

  10. keos-sophie
    keos-sophie ·

    Amazing results, I'll definately give this a try. Thank for sharing!

  11. stitch
    stitch ·

    @nicoleger @erikagrendel @therikster @martymcdie @boobert @keos-sophie cool, try it out, thanks for visiting ;)

  12. foodeanz
    foodeanz ·

    i love clouds too..hehehe.tqvm for tha ideas...

  13. bribri89
    bribri89 ·

    love it...!!!

  14. rickney
    rickney ·

    nicely done.

  15. pzjo
    pzjo ·

    I am inspired!

  16. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Very cool shots.

  17. evil_mastermind
    evil_mastermind ·

    Thanks for the pointers, amazing pics and simple methods.

  18. ittlemisspeacock
    ittlemisspeacock ·

    Aa a total newbie, do i assume you shoot the cloud and then just don't roll the film on before then taking the foreground image? Sorry, i really am only in my 2nd day of finding out about lomography

  19. stitch
    stitch ·

    hi @ittlemisspeacock, I used an LC-A+ which has a mutlti-exposure (MX) switch. So yes, I shot the first shot and slide the switch to prepare for the second shot. If you don't have an LC-A+ or any lomo with an MX switch, any film camera will do. Shoot your first show, then at the bottom of the camera, press the film release button and "advance" one frame (of course it doesn't since the film release button is engaged), and shoot your next shot on the same frame. Good luck!

  20. thepope182
    thepope182 ·

    i would love to try this shot. would it be okay?

  21. thepope182
    thepope182 ·

    oh,btw...what's the ISO of your film?

  22. alexiagraphy
    alexiagraphy ·


  23. lihooi
    lihooi ·

    i would definitely try it out!!! thanks!!! :)

  24. gardenhat
    gardenhat ·

    going to try this!

  25. motionpicture
    motionpicture ·

    Do you under expose one for your first pass at the sky/cloud shot?

  26. stitch
    stitch ·

    @motionpicture in theory you should but since I shoot impulsively I don't get to do it anymore; just look for a darker background for the first shot ;)

  27. zindzee
    zindzee ·

    Great article Stitch! I will will definetly be using your tip since I walk around with my head in the clouds and my camera pointed upwards most of the time anyways!

  28. ipdegirl
    ipdegirl ·

    Going to try this one very soon. Thanks!

  29. reminator
    reminator ·

    Gotta give this a go I guess ;D

  30. george97
    george97 ·

    Lovely blues on picture 2 very well done!

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