Republika Kazantip

Introducing the Festival of the Bright and the Free – The Lomographic Republic of Kazantip

Introducing the Festival of the Bright and the Free – The Lomographic Republic of Kazantip

I like them. Those orange Ukrainians! Their revolutions are colorful, they love web 2.0 and sell old LC-As on the market for over 100 bucks ( Me: hah, am I not in the former Soviet Union, where the empire is flooded with the black pearl from the LOMO-Factory? Well, that is the price on eBay) and they really know what a good party is about: cool people, 40 graducov and good weather! The Kazantip Festival has to offer all of that and just that little bit more flavour, which you can’t create through marketing. Now get over this: this festival is having about 9 venues and they are all whether on the beach or on the Black Sea. 40.000 ljudi come every year, mainly from the former Soviet Union and dance during the night and sleep on the beach during the day. The water is crystal clear and the sun burns your brains out.

The technology of Kazantip is advanced. You get a visa as a pass to hail to the president of the republic and you are scanned in the entrance to confirm that you are a true citizen of the party-kingdom. The most amazing thing is the spirit of the people. Not mentioning the fact that few of them are dressed, they really experience what we cherish as freedom. Coming from oppression, which is still there, you can encounter a place with no rules. More and more westerners discover the island and make it an international encounter. Just think of the Lomographic motifs and lomographic movements on a dance floor of sand! Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh. I wanna go.


written by wil6ka on 2008-05-09 #places #art #culture #location #island-krim

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