Adventures of a PR Girl in Canada!

Introducing Toronto’s PR girl Karine Delage! She shares with us her experience using our Lomography Cameras as she travels across Canada and gets to work in the Music/Fashion/Sports industry and organize events!

Originally from Montreal, she is living in Toronto and has loved the city for 7 years now. She started working when she was 8 years old as a journalist! At the age of 13, she was the youngest journalist in the province of Québec. She has gradually grown into a PR person and event planner!

Are there any exciting encounters with any Canadian celebrities that you have met?
There are tons. I think the best was when I met Neil Young on the red carpet of the Junos this past year and he told the band I was with to never give up. I will make sure from now on to document my encounters with my Lomography camera.

What kind of events did you take your camera with this weekend?
I took my camera to ‘Biz Bash’ holiday launch event to test it at first. Then I took it to ‘Mane Teeze’ event, which was the launch of a hair perfume that lasts more than 12hrs in your hair. Pretty cool for me since I always need my hair to look and smell fresh. Lastly, I took it to the Argonauts last game at the Roger Center. Yes, like you can see my life goes from one side of the spectrum to the other.

How was your experience using the LC-A Camera?
My first experience was great! I took some photos and start getting use to it.

Were there any interesting experiences with other people that saw you using it?
People are amused to see me taking pictures with an “old school camera” as they call it. There were some people who wanted to try to shoot with it.

Why do you think documenting photographs are so important for your job?
It’s really important so people can have a memory of what has happened, but also for me to be able to show what kind of work that I do when I present the results at the end of the events and media tours.

What is your favorite city in Canada, and why?
Montreal has to be my favorite city, this is where I was born and the architecture and the vibe is amazing.

What are your thoughts on documenting your travel stories with analog photographs?
It is so much different then a digital camera because you can’t see the result right away but I’m looking forward to it.

Please tell us your up-coming travel plans, and your dream Lomography Camera you would like to take a long!
I will be in Montreal this weekend for the football semi final and in Halifax next week to speak to teens with someone from the Argonauts and Nicole Holness from MTV.

Stay tooned to catch up with Karine again and hear about her next travel diaries!
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written by jeanettelee on 2011-11-17 #lifestyle #canada #adventures #pr

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