Big Red

A little slice of Route 66 in North London.

This is one of my favourite bars in London and a regular spot for a beer before the Arsenal games. In my mind it’s an American biker bar, although it’s probably a little too American to ever exist over there. There’s posters of Chuck Norris films on the wall, license plates tacked to the floor, and Lynyrd Skynrd or Johnny Cash seem to be playing permanently on the jukebox. They also have four pool tables, pinball and table football, so it’s also something of a lad’s playground and the female barstaff treat you with that slight disdain that has you coming back begging for more dodgy Amstel. The food is TexMex fare served in huge helpings and tastes great. Just don’t look in the kitchens!

written by mzuza on 2011-11-30 #places #bar #location #london #big-red #food-and-drink #lcg #night-on-the-town

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