Don't Worry about Distance with the Fisheye


Don’t worry about the distance between you and what you are shooting!

With the Fisheye camera the first thing you think is, “I really should get close up to what I’m shooting to get a good picture…” FALSE! That’s what makes this camera so cool, it really doesn’t matter how close or far away you are, it will look fun! The close up photos are cool, but the far away pictures are cooler because you never know what might be in the picture when you develop the film! It’s kinda like Christmas, you sort of know what you are getting, but your not 100% sure, and that’s what makes taking pictures with the Fisheye so great!

written by knarleysurfer54 on 2009-04-17 #gear #tutorials #up #it #close #tipster #lomography #worry #fisheye #too #don-t #about

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