The Holiday Cookie-Cutter Competition


We are giving away free camera cookie-cutters with every order and have a special competition to celebrate! Submit your special cookie photos or LomoKino movies and you could win a ton of festive prizes – Read on for details of a Lomography competition which will test both your photography and cooking skills!

Credits: littlekoala

A Free Cookie-Cutter with Every Purchase

We’re giving away unique cookie-cutters shaped like Lomography Cameras with every Online purchase. Spend below 120 EUR/USD/GBP and you’ll get 1 free cutter; spend over 120 EUR/USD/GBP and you’ll get the entire set of 8 cutters for free!

Please Note: This offer is valid while stocks last so shop soon to take advantage!

The Competition

For this crazy Cookie-cutter competition, we want you to get creative with the cookie molds (or any other molds you have lying around) and to create photos or LomoKino movies featuring them. As long as the artwork you produce is analogue, you’re free to do whatever you want – It could be an LC-A+ Splitzer photo of a cookie-mold on one side and your freshly baked cookie on the other; or perhaps a LomoKino stop-motion movie of your cookies coming alive; or how about a Spinner 360° shot of all your cookies hold hands in a circle? We want you to be as creative as possible! You don’t have to have a Lomography cookie-cutter to participate – All cookie mold entries are welcome!

The Prizes

This is one Christmas competition you don’t want to miss out on – We’ll be rewarding the best, most creative cookie entries with some truly fantastic prizes. Our top 3 cookie cutter artists will be awarded a cooking book to get creative with and a whopping 50 Piggy Points. But that’s just the start; we’ll also be rewarding 50 runner-up entries with 15 Piggies each to spend in the Shop!

Read the Rules and Get Involved!

Want to take part? Yes? Really? Good decision Chef! Post a link to your LomoKino video in the comments or submit your photos – There is no submission limit for this Rumble so feel free to send us as many ideas as you have!

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    ended 10 months ago

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    the cookie cutters are already out of stock? :(

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    I love cookies! I was planning to not cook any cookie this year but now... :)

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    Great idea.

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    my order didnt come with any cookie cutters :(

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    how can i take part??

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    oh no! why haven't i seen this before? :(

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    just submitted :P hope it's not too late ;)))) have a nice evening! :*

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