Mugshots of Musicians Part 2

Have you checked Part 1 of Mugshots of Musicians? If so, then let’s continue on in this Mugshot musical history…

Last time, we looked at early mugshots of rock musicians — from Death Metal gods to Punk Rock stars. This time, let’s dip back again into the ‘60s and ’70s and check out some more photos in this second part of ’Mugshots of Musicians’

Looking sleek with swag in this mugshot, 29 year old Mr. Stardust, David Bowie was arrested in New York in March 1976 (together with Iggy Pop) on a felony pot possession charge. This mugshot was taken three days after he was arrested when Bowie went to City Court for arraignment.

The Man in Black, Johnny Cash was arrested in 1965 as he was on his way back from a trip to Mexico after U.S. Customs agents discovered hundreds of pep pills and tranquilizers in his luggage. After spending a night in El Paso jail, Cash paid $1000 in cash (pun intended) as fine.

The Doors lead vocalist Jim Morrison was arrested in 1970 after exposing himself during a 1969 concert in Miami. He was charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure and profanity offenses.

Jimi Hendrix was arrested at Toronto International Airport airport in May 1969 after customs agents found hash and heroin inside his luggage. The Guitar God claimed that the drugs were slipped inside his bag by a fan without his knowledge. The charges were later dropped.

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