Hong Kong Central Area


The place where you could see most are businesses buildings and a park where all tired traveler could sit in..

It can be considered the ‘downtown’ of Hong Kong, although most of Hong Kong is extremely metropolitan. But Central is where most of the people in business suits would be found. Hong Kong Park is right behind that and one of the few green spaces in the concrete land. The high rises here at a monumental scale and people walk from building to building via pedestrian sky walks and passageways.

Exploring this area is quite easy and affordable as there are traditional street trams that frequently travel eastward and westward. The trams leisurely carry you through the historical streets at a pace and proximity that feels very comfortable and immersible.

Hong Kong Park has a big pond filled with koi, a waterfall, a greenhouse, an aviary, and an assortment of birds, and water creatures that make for great photographic subjects. Admission into the park is free of charge, and is an excellent place of solace for the tired traveler.

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