Recap: Diana World Tour Taipei Opening Party!


We have been waiting for this day for a long time. Diana World Tour Taipei Opening Party took place on the 11th of November. To find out how it went scroll below!

On November 11th three significant exhibitions will be unearthed simultaneously. The Detrich Collection, one of the exhibitions, has got over 100 Diana original editions. They have been hung up on two of the walls.

What else? There are special customised Diana F+ works of art by Taiwanese artists and the photography exhibition. Its general concept is Future Archaeology. Come and take a look at these two localised cultural exhibitions.

We has special appointed guides to introduce the Diana World Tour. They are very talented and know a lot about the exhibition and are able to describe all the concept and background of the products. They will answer all of your questions. We also offered Instant photo shooting to record this special moment, this important day.

We offer traditional Taiwanese food and Taiwanese beer for the party. We also prepare special Diana F+ design cup cakes. Lovely cakes surprised all the visitors.


Music, of course, how can we forget this important essence for the party? Organic is invited to arrange cool music to highlight the party.

Diana World Tour is taking place from 11th November to 9th December at Lomography Gallery Store Taipei:“” Do not miss our marvellous exhibition! We also offer events and workshops, check our microsite:“” to see what we have booked for the coming weeks! Stay tuned!

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    congrats on the opening! :D

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