Apero d'Amour: Travelling without Moving at the Paris Gallery Store


Get some analogue inspiration from our emotion-ridden dancers and make your heart sway the night away at the Paris Gallery Store!

Part of our ‘Sprocket in the Pocket’ spring event series, come join us at the Paris Gallery Store on April 9, 2009 for a special treat of exquisite Expressionist Dancing and cocktails! Be taken away and let your analogue star be reborn with the power of dance. Everyone’s invited to do their own choreography as well!

You don’t need a plane ticket to go far! Come to the Lomography Store for a mindblowing experience: Expressionist Dancing. Bring a CD, a record or a USB stick with your tune and perform an extremely artistic and expressive dance. Take us around the world! The most outlandish performances will win splendid packrat bags. White pantomime gloves are at your disposal. Be enthralled and let your mind flow, enjoy and unwind as we welcome spring in the heart of France!

6, Place Franz Liszt
75010 Paris, France
tel: +33 9 50 48 03 06
Store Hours:
Mon – Sat 10.30-19.00

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    Ahaa ! Cool logo !

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    Cool logo!

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