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With Jane Fonda and Al Pacino featured in the previous installments of From Famous to Infamous, we now move on to another prominent Hollywood celebrity who made a name for himself as an actor and singer. We now present to you, the mug shot of the young Frank Sinatra.

Another big name in Hollywood history, Frank Sinatra rose to prominence in the entertainment industry first as a singer in 1935, then eventually as an actor with several notable films in his credit belt. Aside from enjoying a successful singing and acting career, Sinatra also became a founding member of The Ratpack, a group of well-known actors who starred in films and performed on stage together in the early 1960s.

Photo via The Smoking Gun

But, despite his fame and status as an influential actor and performer, Sinatra also had a little brush with controversy and naughtiness in his younger years. According to reports, Ol’ Blue Eyes Sinatra, then aged 23, was arrested in 1938 and charged with seduction and adultery. Yes, you read that right; it was a criminal offense back in those times!

Sinatra’s arrest record from the FBI, tells that he was arrested on November 26, 1938 and taken to Bergen County Sheriff’s Office in Hackensack, New Jersey. There, he was tagged with ‘Arrest 42799’ and photographed for a mug shot. The report also said that Sinatra was released on a bond of $1,500. The bond was lowered to $500 after charges of seduction was changed to adultery. It turned out the lady he had an affair with was married. Both charges were eventually dismissed.

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