Pedrosillo de los Aires - Brave Bulls Home


Yellow and windy is the place I like.

Pedrosillo is located 32km south of Salamanca, the main University City in Spain. It’s a place almost empty during the year but in summer all the emigrants that left the village in the 70’s return home for the month of August. The reason may be the color yellow of the landscape or the fabulous ham, the piglet and other pork specialties.

A landscape full of black spots (the bulls) that find here a place to live before going to be killed to a “Plaza de toros”, The great National Fiesta in Spain. During the summer, green fields turns into yellow and dry surfaces. Heat and wind meet here.

This place is also a stop of the southest Road to Santiago. Pilgrims stop here for a drink before following their road to Santiago de Compostela. Also this is a stop for the Plate Road. Galician used to go from their ports to the south to distribute the plate taken from South America.

The wind is wild here, that why it’s called in English Little Peter of the wind. I like the name because it sounds epic even though there are just 20 or less houses. Just old men resist here.

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    great shots...congrats disdis

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    Super contrasts ! I love 24 !

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