The Burmese Pool (Taiping)

A special guest came from Kampar last Chinese New Year, to my beloved hometown – Taiping. Me and my friends brought her round the town. Well, after a long stroll in Taiping town and the very famous Lake Garden, we headed to another place – Burmese pool.

Located near to the foothills of Bukit Larut at a housing are called Taman Sentosa, we have no idea how this pool got its name. We knew it from our parents which knew it from their parents and so on. Maybe back then there were Burmese settlements or Burmese soldiers that had found out about this place and let known for all generations to enjoy.

Burmese pool is one of the famous waterfalls in town. It is a natural pools formed by the flowing streams from the hills of Bukit Larut. It’s the perfect place to go for some picnic and swimming under the hot weather. We did not plan to swim there this time, but just walking around to shoot picture. The trip to the pool reminded me for how long I did not went there. And the pool remind as crowded as last time.


written by jhunnie on 2009-04-05 #places #natural #location #falls #taiping

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