Costa do Sauípe, Bahia (Brazil)

A perfect place to hang out when its summer and a food trip.

The sway of capoeira, the smells and flavors of delicacies, religious syncretism, cultural and artistic miscellaneous.
About 76km from Salvador, Costa do Sauípe is a resort localized in the city Mata de São João on the green line, north coast of Bahia, it has a scenery of dunes and coconut trees framed by the ocean. This is the perfect summer holiday, sunny all around the year, blue water, palm trees, colorful, kind staff always with a smile on their face.

What to do while you’re there:

Start with a great breakfast eating a typical “tapioca”, a kind of pancake made of manioc flour. Then spend hours on the beach or the pool getting a tan (just don’t forget you sun blocker), having one of the great drinks with tropical fruits or some coconut water and enjoying the view. Then, around noon, when it gets too hot to stay outside have lunch in one of the restaurants around the resort, I recommend an Italian called Spadaccino at the Vila. But if you prefer seafood and want to try local cuisine check Orixás da Bahia.

After that lay on a hammock, have some ice cream, a walk on the beach or a massage at the spa. In the resort will also find a golf course, horses for rental (if you like riding don’t miss the beach trail ride), water sports, tennis courts, quad bike tours, jeep tours even bird watching!! At night check one of the typical music concerts at the Vila.

I swear to you, in this place the only thing that will go through your mind is “life is good after all”

Note: You should spend at least a week to 10 days here

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