Valencia - Venezuela


My home town before i came to england. The house of my first holga’s roll.

Valencia is one of the principal cities of Venezuela, a city that is highly recognized by his big industries and cold society . Culturally speaking Valencia is a city of big painters and sculptors, for photographers it is a city of beautiful landscapes but few resources for the development of photography as well. It doesn’t possess good quality photographic laboratories and what made me suffer was the lack of a 120 laboratory, being a holga the first lomo camera that I had.

In Valencia it is so much what we can do for lomo photography and so few resources to develop that it’s a challenge visiting her after going out to photograph her social and cultural life. Now that I have more experience with my lomo cameras, I’m waiting the perfect time to return and be able to show more of her.

Greetings from a Venezuelan lomo friend in England.

PD: the photos there are here was my first holga roll 120 and 35mm (you can see the lack of ductape) hahaha.

written by gunther_moreno on 2009-04-03 #places #photography #location #valencia #lomo-society #world-city-holga #venezuela

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  1. lomollete
    lomollete ·

    Muy buenas fotos, suena como un lugar genial.
    En dónde en Inglaterra estás?
    Saludos desde México.

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