How to Make Your Own Clever Collage!


Butchering your photos can be beneficial! Exercise your creative muscles and create something cool in the process. Let’s collage!

Credits: ashdinosaur

Prints taking up too much space? Old compositions eyeing you up from an overflowing drawer? Why not try cutting them up and turning them into a nice new work of art?

What you’ll need: A selection of prints, scissors, glue, and possibly some blu-tack.

Step 1: First of all you’ll need to pick out a good picture to use as your background. I looked through some landscape shots and chose a nice picture of Big Ben surrounded by a bright blue sky.

Step 2: Next, find the other bits that you’re going to stick on, and cut them out. You could use multiple images of the same subject (like I have), you could work from a theme like body parts or flowers, or you could be more spontaneous and erratic in your selection and just see what your final image turns into. Here I’ve chosen a series of pictures of a Cornetto.

Step 3: Here’s the fun part! Arrange your various bits and pieces onto your background, using blu-tack if you wish to temporarily affix them, and watch your masterpiece unfold.

Credits: ashdinosaur

Happy collaging!

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  1. ashdinosaur
    ashdinosaur ·

    Aw howcome you didn't put my gif in? Well it's over here for anyone that wants to see it:…


  2. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    I really like that first shot of the 4 results.

  3. marcustegtmeier
    marcustegtmeier ·

    Cute idea!

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