Trippin' in London!

Attractions and places to visit and photograph in London.

I had the good fortune of spending a few weeks tripping in London and it was unforgettable.

Though many people often comment that the weather is dreadful, I find the weather in London endearing. Particularly the period right before winter is breathtakingly beautiful. Hyde Park, one of the largest parks in central London, is perfect for strolling around during fall. If you take a walk through it, you will find birds resting peacefully near the lake, or the skeleton of a leaf, fading into the ground.

Sometimes there are also exhibitions or a display of art installations, such as the Anish Kapoor in the Serpentine Gallery.

People who love a busier scene will like Covent Garden, it’s always bustling with street buskers, stall-keepers selling their wares, and tourists walking around.

If you walk along the river side, there are also festivals such as the Thames River Festival. Sometimes along the streets you may even see boards with protests!

There are also the usual must-see attractions such as the London Eye and the Big Ben, and the departmental store giant, Harrods.

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