Lomography X Tungsten 64 35mm Review


Lomography’s newest film is nothing short of a masterpiece! When I saw sample photos taken using this film, I decided that I should give the Lomography X Tungsten a try. It produces photos with an ethereal quality! Take a look at some street snapshots I took using this film and my Zenit EM.

The moment I saw sample photos of Lomography's new X Tungsten film, I knew I have to try them — the colours produced seemed to have an ethereal quality in them! It is not like any other previous Lomography films and I am also looking to stock up new films for an upcoming trip, so the launching is right in time indeed.

I didn’t buy them straightaway, but I was lucky that the slot machine game appeared at the homepage a couple of weeks later so I got them with a good discount with my piggies too! One fine day I loaded one roll into my Zenit EM and hit the streets with my friend (who just purchased a LomoKino!) and shoot some street scenes.

I’ve seen some reviews of the film beforehand and some lomographers produced great shots at ISO 200 instead of ISO 64. What I did instead was alternate between ISO 50 and ISO 200 randomly between shots so I could get an idea of a range of performance at different sensitivity. But based on the results, I could say that the film is pretty versatile!

The colours are breathtaking; they are coated in a very subtle purple/magenta hue generally, and warm colours like red and yellow pop out well too. There is this shot of leaves against a blue sky and the colours turn out vividly natural. But what I loved the most is the atmosphere this film can bestow on the images — they just look very homely with a dash of nostalgia.

Give this film a try; I won’t be surprised if the Lomography's new X Tungsten film becomes one of the most popular Lomography films ever!

Explore a new Lomographic perspective with the Lomography X Tungsten 35mm Film! Enter a world of rich blue tones that will blast you out of your routine. Its low ISO of 64 makes it a great film to play with, perfect for experimental Lomographers like you! Get your own Lomography X Tungsten 35mm now, available with the rest of the Lomography Film line-up in our Online Shop.

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  1. easilydistracted
    easilydistracted ·

    your photos are great, I really enjoyed looking through them and a great review. I just ordered some so I'm looking forward to trying it out.

  2. saintempire
    saintempire ·

    great shots!!!

  3. jawatembak
    jawatembak ·

    love the zenit outcome!!

  4. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    beautiful colors!

  5. fefeio
    fefeio ·

    very nice

  6. anamachado
    anamachado ·

    Can't we have it back? :(

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