LomoKino Presents: L'incroyable histoire du Dr. Lomotnik


He has a wild look in his eyes and it’s there to stay. Consequently all eyes are on him. That’s right it’s the Mad scientist you love to sympathize with yet who, at the same time gives you the creeps. So try as you might to resist, join us in entering the lair of Lomography’s own Dr. Lomotnik!

LomoKino – L’incroyable histoire du Dr. Lomotnik
What can you say on the spot about a film that has you rendered speechless? Think of all the famous, eccentric “Doctors” in cinema – Dr. Strangelove, Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Carruthers – and compound them into one and voilà! Out of this comically – not chemically – toxic matter Dr. Lomotnik is born!

Movie by Arnaud Martin

The shadows cast on the walls of the cellar like laboratory are perfection, the beakers that appear to be doing the dance of the devil owing to the stop action sequence produced with the LomoKino can’t be more fitting, and the innocent turned monstrous teddy bear brings to mind Frankenstein’s monster!

We couldn’t dream up of a more provoking concoction if we tried!

Read more about Dr. Lomotnik in LomoKino Director Interview : Arnaud Martin

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    Lol wow! This is so inspiring and well done! Amazing!

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    cool :)

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    great :)

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