The Diana World Tour Arrives in Lisbon

If you are in the Lisbon from the April 3rd until the 23rd you need to see the traveling collection of Diana clones!

The Diana World Tour arrives at Lisbon on the 3rd of April and is staying there until the 23rd. The giant entourage of our favourite Lady camera will be on display at the Lisbon Lomographic Embassy as the now very famous Detrich Collection.

They will not be alone, though. The Portuguese approach to the Diana Vignettes Exhibition will show 12 new Dianas and 12 outstanding pictures by 12 Portuguese artists: Isaque Pinheiro, Joana Bértholo, Jordi Burch, Manuel Amaral Netto, Márcio Barcelos, Marco Sousa Santos, Nuno Coelho, Paulo Pimenta, Ricardo Galésio, Soraya Vasconcelos, Teresa Amaral and Vivóeusébio.

The opening takes place at 10 pm Friday, April 3rd. Come on over and let Diana seduce you!

Embaixada Lomográfica de Lisboa
Mon-Fri 2pm-9pm Sat 4pm-8pm
Rua da Atalaia 31, 1200-037 LISBOAPORTUGAL
tel: +351 21 342 10 75 /// +351 93 843 90 60

Picture taken by Manuel Amaral Netto

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