Lomography India : The Great Fish-a-thon Project !!


The fresh and amazing Fisheye No. 2 Lime Punch is going to travel to 12 Lomographers in 12 Cities in India. And you’re invited to be one of those Lomographers, sharing your life with us!

We’re starting a brand new project and you’re invited to participate!

We have the brand new Lomography Fisheye No. 2 Lime Punch and we want to give it to you to create a beautiful fresh story of your life and share it with the entire world. And how is that possible?

Participate in Lomography India’s “Fish-a-thon” and we’ll pick 12 Lomographers from 12 different cities who will become a part of this amazing project. We shall start a journey with a camera and a Lomography diary starting from one Lomographer, travelling to the next. And this will give a chance to every participant to record pictures from their city and also jot down their experience in the Lomography diary.

How to Participate?

  • Just comment on the post and we’ll send you a email about the project

What are the requirements?

  • Project open to only Indian nationals.
  • Lots of enthusiasm and zeal!

Deadline : Jan 15th 2012

Fisheye No. 2 has a 170-degree wide angle view and stunning barrel distortion. Now with a hotshoe and multiple and long exposure capabilities, the world’s greatest compact Fisheye camera is now more amazing than you ever thought possible! Available in different colours and special designs.

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  1. obsessiveob
    obsessiveob ·

    I am in! Early bird wins :) - Prabhat Mahapatra (pmahapatra@gmail.com)

  2. farudaru
    farudaru ·

    Sounds like soo much fun! Im in too! :)

  3. deutero
    deutero ·

    I'm in as well :)
    ~ Kumar Jhuremalani (kjace555@gmail.com)

  4. itshodgepodge
    itshodgepodge ·

    Totally in! •gives one kidney as a bribe•

  5. roycin
    roycin ·

    Oh. Super. Lot of new gigs coming up.


  6. magali
    magali ·

    Pick me pick me

  7. ppallavisingh
    ppallavisingh ·

    I is IN!!!!!!

  8. sriparna
    sriparna ·

    I am good at documenting my life :)
    I have documented my tea-drinking-travelling self quite well till now (www.travellingteadom.com). Sorry for the shameless plug, but just trying to give you a good reason to pick me :) from the city of Delhi which will have oh-so-many-great-lomographers already. And AGAIN! I have overshot the word limit. Anyway here is the important bit of info >

  9. lobeni13
    lobeni13 ·

    totally count ME in! x

  10. kartikvijay
    kartikvijay ·

    My life in Fisheye!! Awesome!
    Gimme the camera now!

  11. anird
    anird ·

    So so IN...!!!!

  12. bluelion
    bluelion ·

    काऊंट मी इऩ!!

  13. iammies
    iammies ·

    I am in this by Default !

  14. rapidsnail
    rapidsnail ·

    Me Me Me , I was born for it :) *reaches out to grab the Kamera*

  15. sufdee
    sufdee ·

    Count me in! I'm already planning out a list of things to click and places to go with the camera.

  16. waterlemon
    waterlemon ·

    Me toooo! :) Oh boy :) anushya.badrinath@gmail.com

  17. theoreoqueen
    theoreoqueen ·

    I would love to be a part of this :D Lomo rocks!!!

  18. karam230
    karam230 ·

    Much interested from Ahmedabad... Karmraj Chudasama :- karam230@gmail.com

  19. tapanmaharishi
    tapanmaharishi ·

    and me !

  20. samjoad
    samjoad ·

    Bring it On!!...Will do \m/

  21. priyansha
    priyansha ·

    This is Brilliant, Let me Punch with Fisheye Lime Punch. priyanshajain19@gmail.com

  22. prashin-jagger
    prashin-jagger ·

    Me in too! Documenting in the diary seems like a wonderful idea!

  23. happgofilmy
    happgofilmy ·

    Awesome sauce !

  24. standbymind
    standbymind ·

    I am in !!!

  25. renbeno
    renbeno ·

    Count me in too

  26. anushreegavas
    anushreegavas ·

    me!! me!! {anushreegavas@gmail.com}

  27. taushikmandal
    taushikmandal ·

    4 months is quite a long time investment! n investment it will be! send me the details. (taushik.mandal@gmail.com)

  28. sharangoel
    sharangoel ·

    totally interested for this one!!!

  29. amulyanagaraj
    amulyanagaraj ·

    Sounds quite interesting!

  30. amulyanagaraj
    amulyanagaraj ·

    Sounds quite interesting!

  31. amy_s_
    amy_s_ ·

    i'm in! please gimme details..:)

  32. shivani-rawat
    shivani-rawat ·

    I can do that,, YES I CAN !

  33. shivani-rawat
    shivani-rawat ·

    I can do that,, YES I CAN !

  34. shivahuja
    shivahuja ·

    I would love to!

  35. illusioniasta
    illusioniasta ·

    Oooh! Pick me me me. Pretty please :)

  36. karthikdoraiwamy
    karthikdoraiwamy ·

    I would surely be interested for hyderabad!!

  37. jawshhwa
    jawshhwa ·

    Super fun! Me me me please!

  38. illusioniasta
    illusioniasta ·

    Hi! I've not yet received an email :(.

  39. prateekarora
    prateekarora ·


  40. prateekarora
    prateekarora ·

    ^comment formatting may lead to confusion. Just to clarify, email id is prateekarora.jwt@gmail.com

  41. vrenkoneru
    vrenkoneru ·

    I'm TOTALLY in !

    love from pondicherry !

  42. saagargavri
    saagargavri ·

    wow! this sounds great

  43. ajitsingh
    ajitsingh ·

    Would love to join in.. ajitsingh208@gmail.com

  44. joelsuganth
    joelsuganth ·


  45. potsy
    potsy ·

    I WOULD LOVE THIS! - Tara, Bangalore.

  46. rapidsnail
    rapidsnail ·

    Woohaa ! Am in :) *dance* *frenzy*

  47. gaurang
    gaurang ·

    Here here... Count me also in...

  48. sandeep
    sandeep ·


  49. dhanyaa
    dhanyaa ·

    Count me in!!! With neon green excitement from Bangalore - dhanyaa.deofavente@gmail.com!!!

  50. sakshigambhir
    sakshigambhir ·

    Please send the details! :) Looking fwd!

  51. jvarsha27
    jvarsha27 ·

    I want in too!! Please do send me the details! Thanks! :)

  52. antsy
    antsy ·

    would love to participate:)

  53. janardhan
    janardhan ·

    Please count in me in. Thank you!

  54. sunnywinterz
    sunnywinterz ·

    can I ??

  55. sunsunny
    sunsunny ·

    can I??
    ps: pls ignore the last post by sunnywinterz.

  56. kannagi-khanna
    kannagi-khanna ·

    Sounds very exciting! Count me in.

  57. deborah-yanthan
    deborah-yanthan ·

    Count me in too. Sounds really fun! =) [deborah_yanthan@yahoo.co.in]

  58. uccellolibero
    uccellolibero ·

    Tell me I'm not too late!!

  59. aryaarora
    aryaarora ·

    this is so much fun, so looking forward to it........

  60. kismet
    kismet ·

    I will call myself the most ENTHUSIASTIC and ZEALOUS Indian.

  61. aryaarora
    aryaarora ·

    please send me the email with more project info, eagerly waiting for this 1

  62. neelabh75
    neelabh75 ·

    I too want to participate. :)

  63. vivekina
    vivekina ·

    I am in!!

  64. sid_k
    sid_k ·

    Can you send me more details ... would love to part of this.

  65. dhaval-kotecha
    dhaval-kotecha ·

    I am interested. Can you send me more details please?

  66. nadirah-babji
    nadirah-babji ·

    i know i wont be choosen. i'm not an indian citizen. an mbbs student from malaysia studying in davangere. even, davangere was really nothing much, but there always something to tell about. :) in case of luck, just hit me <sk8.sunway@gmail.com>

  67. vishal_eagles
    vishal_eagles ·

    I am in, please find me on vishal_eagles@yahoo.co.in

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