The First Ever Lomography Film Festival


Following the analogue film heat wave from the born of Lomography, the first Lomography Film Festival is now officially kicking off! Read more…

Film Festival is not a name only dedicated to the professionals, the public should also be involved in it! The Lomography Society members love the film culture and would love to share with those of you who love films too! There would be four sessions of different categories/themes of movies to be shared with you. Anyone is welcome to join!

First Session - Stop Motion

Stop Motion is one of the methods in making animation, unlike the conventional continuous shooting, it is made frame by frame, and then the frames are all put together to form a movie. The theory behind is very much similar to that of LomoKino, perhaps after this event you would be inspired on making your own LomoKino movies!

Host: edwinchau (Lomography Asia Online Manager)
Time:18/11/2011 (Fri)
Date:7:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Second Session - Silent Movies

Silent Movies are those movies that are without any sounds nor background music. In this session, we would watch some classic silent movies, such as The Cabinet Of Dr.Caligari, don’t miss it!

Host: tattso (Chief of Lomography Asia Online)
Date:25/11/2011 (Fri)
Time:7:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Third Session - (那些在台北發生的事 – Those things that happen in Taipei) Sharing Session

Nominated as the Best Documentary Film in the Third Macau Film Festival in 2011, 《那些在台北發生的事 – Those things that happen in Taipei》, documented an unusual trip: 14 Hong Kong filmographers and 6 professional models from Taiwan, spent a total of 5-days-4-nights to shoot accordingly to the theme. All the way from Hong Kong to Taiwan. Everyone gave in their best for the film, both front stage and backstage.

Director Mimi Sun and producer Terence Pang would be joining this session to share their thoughts and experiences with you. For those of you who are interested, this is a golden opportunity that must not be missed!

Special guests:Director Mimi Sun and Producer Terence Pang
Time:7:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Fourth Session — Guest Sharing: RooftopCinemaHK.
Host: Simon Roberts from RooftopCinemaHK.
Date:8/12/2011 (Thur)
Time:7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Special host: Rooftop Cinema Hong Kong

  • Venue: Lomography Gallery Store Sheung Wan 上環普仁街二號
  • Fees:Free
  • Number of participants:15 persons every session
  • How to Participate?
    1)After logging in, leave this comment「 I want to watch movie together! 」below this article.
    2)Send the session that you would like to join and your contact number to
    3)Drop by Lomography Gallery Store Hong Kong to register yourself.
  • We will confirm your participation by sending you email.
  • If there is any unforeseen changes (such as bad weather condition) that the activity would be cancelled, we would inform you by the morning of the event.

For any inquiries: 2915 2205 /

For any other information regarding to Lomography Gallery Store Hong Kong:
Lomography Gallery Store Hong Kong Sheung Wan Facebook Fans Page

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translated by lihooi


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    Great idea.

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    thanks for the nice translate @lihooi

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    I want to watch movie together!

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