By the Decade: 1950's Mugshots


Mugshots of criminals were taken as early as the 1870’s. Its purpose is for the authorities to have a record of the offender so that victims can easily identify them. Typically, mugshots have two parts — one front-view and one side-view of the person. This time, we’ll take a look at mugshots from the 1950’s.

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Harold Nichols, 1956
Harold Nichols was always in trouble since he was still a minor. He stole vehicles and took them for joyrides and he has also been arrested for larceny and mischief. Harold was in and out of jail many times for different crimes. In the late 1950’s, he was charged with assault and battery for whipping his girlfriend’s son.

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Charles Peak, 1956
One spring evening, Charles Peak and his friends yelled obscenities to an officer and sped off in their car. They were chased and caught by an officer. Upon inspection, the officer found an unlicensed Italian Beretta .32 in his possession. He was given a year’s probation and was also fined a hundred dollars.

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Gayle Goad, 1953
The picture above shows Gayle Goad’s mugshot for when he got caught driving while intoxicated. His sentence was to spend 30 days in jail. After this arrest, he became acquainted with other criminals. They engaged in thievery and breaking and entering. During his trial, he was found guilty for robbing goods that amounted to thousands of dollars. He was to spend 2 years in a penitentiary but was released on parole after 10 months.

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Earl Phillips, 1958
This mugshot of Earl Phillips was taken after he was arrested for battery. He was found beating up someone while he was drunk 4 o’clock in the morning. He was not detained by the authorities but was fined $10.

image via Small Town Noir
image via Small Town Noir

Wanda and Steve Zokle, 1950
Husband and wife Wanda and Steve Zokle were arrested for disorderly conduct. They were arrested a second time in the same year, this time for selling liquor without a license in the milk bar that they managed together.

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