Mega-Rare Camera Find: Cosina CX7


I got this mega-rare camera on eBay a few months back. I haven’t seen one before so I had to have it and see what it can do. It is a rather chunky thing with red and cream graphics on the front. It states that it has automatic focus and is flash loading! The lens is hidden (as with the earlier CX models) by a push down plastic front. Always a good idea to help protect your precious lens! The lens itself is a Cosinon 1:3:5 33 mm.

Another bonus on from this camera which you never got from the older CX cameras is that it has an integrated pop-up flash! The flash is a bit slow at warming up, but it is around 30+ years old, so I will let it off as it does still work! It also has an ASA range of only 64-400.

So, what can it do?

It does seem to work quite well but the closest it focuses is something like 1.2 meters so not that close, but not too bad for everything else. It gets confused sometimes about what I want to take a photo of and does some crazy focusing on some pictures!

Here are some examples of the color film shots I took with it.

And here are some of the pictures it created with Agfa APX 100 ASA black and white film. I do think it prefers black and white more than color as the lens is super sharp and makes the black and white shots look awesome!

It isn’t a bad camera, but I have played with more sane cameras that obey all of your commands… But if you want a semi temperamental compact camera what will give you some very weird focusing skills have a go at this; if you can find one, that is!

This review was written by Lomographer explorette. Make sure to visit the Online Shop and Gallery Stores for compatible films with the Cosina CX7!

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  1. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    Interesting camera. Interesting results. Thanks for the detailed review.

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