LomoKino Presents: Feature Films

These films are en route to the big screen! From post production finessing, to fearless and well calculated experimentation like from directors after our own hearts, we roll out the red carpet here for you to jump over onto the films!

I Dream in Lomokino
For us, this production is surely a dream. With the spinning enchantress on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui, to the experimentation with gels, filters and flashes, that went on as noted in the film’s description, this film inspires us, just as this LomoKinographer says the LomoKino has for him!

Of the film, this LomoKinographer comments “I’m so excited to use my Lomokino on a scripted project,” and we wanted to add, so are we!

The Sad Story of Princess Ines – Lomokino
This “tale of woe” isn’t so much one in our eyes! It’s a quiet little number that truly brings you back to the early days of cinema with the intertitles, or title cards, used to tell the charming tale.

Movie by susielomovitz

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