Seasky, My Sprocket Rocket Superpop Blue

After a few weeks of waiting, I have finally got my very own Sprocket Rocket Blue. I was planning to get one before, but due to some minor financial crisis, I had to postpone my wish. Why blue? Because I like the color of the sky and the sea. When you shoot up to the sky, I’ll just love to see the blue color, especially when using slide films and getting it cross-processed.

One thing I like the most about the Sprocket Rocket Superpop Blue is, of course the sprocket holes on the pictures. I can get the wide angle of my pictures and added with full-double frame picture. To appreciate and welcome the newest member of my camera family, I name it “Seasky”, derived from the combination of both sea and sky.

The day after I got Seasky, I loaded it with Kodak EBX 100 to give it the first try. These are some of my pictures.

I also love to capture photos of my friends and make it multi-exposed with something else. The results would just come out unpredictable.

But, I don’t only like taking pictures of people, I also like capturing the view of natural landscape using my Seasky.

Now, I can’t wait to try my Seasky with Lomography X Tungsten because I really admire the vivid color of tungsten photos when the film is cross-processed.

written by isyraf on 2011-12-29 #gear #fun #review #malaysia #sprocket-holes #sprockets #lomography #xpro #user-review #requested #superpop


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