Clever Collages by Terry Gillam


Director Terry Gilliam, known for being a Python – that is a Monty Python member – as well as for his feature length films “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” and “The Brothers Grimm”, will always be an avid illustrator and animator and remain a key proponent of art that involves crossing media.

Gilliam is a clever – I’d say ‘ingenious’ – collage maker as his collages-turned-animations often comprise cutouts from Victorian era photographs placed in a color wash, background scene.

Here’s one of his characters or caricatures as they often depict people – famous people at that – made recognizable by the saturated colors and bubbly, rounded contours.

“I was torn in some ways because I loved these paintings” expresses Gilliam about his ‘tearing’ up photos of figures from famous artworks to place in surreal, often cheeky situations, such as with Botticelli’s Venus shown in the BBC interview below.

Look around, you may recognize works, and artists that have been inspired by Gilliam!

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    "The imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" is so cool! I love Terry Gilliam.

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