LomoKino Presents: Cherish the Seaside


When you think ‘coastal’ do you think deary, cold, too still for your liking? Or do you jump for joy, strap your picnic supplies to the roof of your car and zoom off when good weather and an empty schedule permits?

Cup your hands over your ears and have ocean waves be your audio as you ride the tide and watch the 3 water filled LomoKino films below!

Bananas Flambe: Morocco on the LomoKino
There’s nothing like purposely strolling on the damp bits right along the bank and then running up to the dry, powder like, sand where you have staked your umbrella and beach mats! And after taking in the sun, packing up your relatively light gear, throwing it into the back of your car or bicycle basket and heading to a bazaar to satisfy your large appetite which always results from a long day at the beach!

Inflatable Fun – LomoKino
With summer scenes like these in our longing, we invite you to jump into this fun (nothing can spell fun better than inflatable rafts and toys) scene with us!

Movie by lomography

I think of “Mr. Hulot’s Holiday” when I see many vacationers at the beach, doing water activities, packing in like sardines in a La Sardina can along the prime parts of the beach. And come early evening those afraid to catch cold return to their hotels while others, on their last night, not wanting to return to the big, loud city they hailed from, sip and savor the salty air by candle light (or tiki torch).

Ghost on the Beach [LomoKino Movie]
This sure is romantic! This LomoKinographer shows us how great a location the beach is, both as a rendezvous point as well as a giant memo pad to scribble, share thoughts, instructions and create artwork on!

Movie by satomi

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  1. adzfar
    adzfar ·

    Ghost on the Beach FTW!

  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    @satomi's "ghost on the beach" is the best lomokino movie I saw so far since the launch of this camera! :)

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