The River and Kew Bridge


Walking along the river on both the Kew and Chiswick sides you can see many things.

One Sunday lunch we went for a walk to shake the cobwebs out after a big night. It was one of those meandering walks with no purpose really. Walking past childhood memories and all that. It was also a trip that involved seeing some cool stuff including an abandoned old beetle with a big union jack on it, some flying watering cans and the saddest ponytail in the world. If i had some scissors i would have done him a favor.

Eventually we found our way in to a pub called the Greyhound. A very nice pub that sadly has changed ownership and now has some not very savory people working there. Think Pirates of the Caribbean meets the village idiot. Still dont let that put you off, the beer is cold and the beer garden is nice, and its a stones throw from the river.

written by tommynorth on 2009-03-31 #places #river #bridge #location #childhood #london #greyhound

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    8 is awesome !!! Great gallery !

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