By the Decade: 1940's Mugshots

Mugshots of criminals were taken as early as the 1870’s. Its purpose is for the authorities to have a record of the offender so that victims can easily identify them. Typically, mugshots have two parts — one front-view and one side-view of the person. This time, we’ll look at some mugshots taken in the 1940’s.

images via Telegraph UK

Reggie and Ronnie Kray, 1940’s
The Kray twins are notorious for their involvement in organised crime. Shown above are their very first mugshots as teenagers, sometime in the 1940’s. Since they were young, the Kray twins always brought trouble anywhere they went, but because of their notoriety, nobody had the courage to report anything that they did. As they grew older, the twins got into all sorts of criminal behavior such as arson, robbery, protection rackets and many more. Despite their illicit activities, they were seen by the public as charming businessmen. The Kray twins were arrested only in 1968 when there was enough evidence to support a case against them.

image via These Things Too

Iva Toguri D’Aquino, 1946
Iva Toguri, also known as Tokyo Rose, was a broadcaster who was arrested for acts of treason. She was one of the people who joined the propaganda broadcast during the second World War. After spending a year in jail, she was eventually released since there was no evidence to suggest that she did anything illegal.

image via Tumblr: Old Mugshots

Neville McQuade and Lewis Stanley Keith, 1942
The photo above shows McQuade and Keith, two aspiring female impersonators who were arrested for stealing goods and also for disorderly conduct. They weren’t given the chance to fix themselves or their clothes before the mugshot was taken. They remained in custody for one week before they were released on bonds.

View more mugshots from the 1940’s below:

images via Weehawken History

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