Chinatown Honolulu


Chinatown Honolulu is a bustling district in Oahu filled with bright colors, many languages, rich, poor, and very odoriferous.

Chinatown district of Honolulu has a rich and long standing history of trade markets.

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There are buildings in the district filled with little shops and open markets selling all manor of vegetables and meats along with housewares, clothes, and even candies and drinks. It is open nearly everyday of the year. The first Friday of every month, it hosts a city sponsored art event called “First Friday” where bars and art studios are open to a larger crowd.

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In 1886, the area was a densely packed wooden sector and a kitchen fire set the whole of Chinatown ablaze. A second set of fires were deliberately started in January of 1900 to clear the area of plague that affected so many of the downtown immigrant residents in the Kingdom of Hawaii. In an effort to raise standards of a rapidly developing Honolulu, sanitary standards were zoned and all buildings of the area had to be constructed of brick & stone. Today the architecture of the area is fairly unique in Hawaii with so many redbrick buildings. The area remained largely Chinese again, but today is a place of many cultures selling their wares like so many small businesses.

Credits: neanderthalis

If you come to Honolulu, it is a great site to see. My pictures are only a fraction of the things for you to experience. There are food tours and plenty of picture opportunities. First Friday is a must for those wanting to appreciate good food, art, and music.

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    This whole series on Oahu is great! My Wife and i visited my Brother in 2004, and visited these places. We really enjoyed our week on Oahu as well as another week on Kauai. My Brother has lived in Haleiwa since 1974, and his kids grew up on the island. Because he's been there a long time, he knows all the good places.

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