Falling in Love with the LC-A+ No Nukes Edition

My LC-A+ is the newest camera in my rather large collection. I am really really happy with each roll that I get back from it and have now started buying accessories for my new favourite camera.

Photo via Lomography Shop

I have had an original LC-A for a little while and although I love it (it has that great vintage smell and original Russian lens), I began to get bored of single exposures and was dying to try out some new accessories such as the splitzer. I realized I wanted, no, needed an LC-A+. My girlfriend had just bought herself the LC-A+ White 25th anniversary edition and I liked how this looked different to the original model. I thought about the Russia Day LC-A+ but I just think the camera looks so much better in the classic black. I then saw the No Nukes edition which was designed by the Seoul Embassy in Korea. I knew it would be perfect for me as my dad was a campaigner for the CND back in the 1970s; he was a great photographer and thus a massive inspiration to me.

Credits: fletchinski84

First of all, all the functions and everything are the same as the LC-A+ and it comes in a similar wooden box (the only difference being the pattern on the lid). If you have never had the joy of getting an LC-A+ / LC-Wide box through the post then let me tell you, it is amazing. The packaging is superb, with each individual element being wrapped/boxed separately. It also comes with film, batteries and instructions – which is great if, like me, you intend to take it out right away! The camera itself looks stunning, with a circular pattern on the back, and small ban the bomb logo on the viewfinder when it closes up.

I have been having a great time with the camera since I got it in September and have shot quite a few rolls already. I love the way the lens gives a dreamy look to my photo and it really seems to make colours ‘pop’ in a vivid and surreal way.

Credits: fletchinski84

I also love the multiple exposure function, as I knew I would do, and have been playing around with that fairly extensively, as you can see in the shots below.

Credits: fletchinski84

I have also recently been getting some accessories for this camera as it remains constantly in my backpack, I now have a Colorsplash Flash and a Splitzer so I will do further reviews when I get some photos from those.

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