A Day Out in Hornsea, UK

Hornsea may be most famous as a producer of fine pottery and homeware back in the day but even that production has long stopped, I would still recommend a day in Hornsea if you get the chance.

Credits: fletchinski84

Hornsea is a seaside town, not too far from Hull. You can read all about the resort here and the once-famous pottery trade here, both courtesy of good ’ol Wikipedia. I enjoyed my day in Hornsea as it is a classic Northern seaside area with a promenade, fish and chips, and a ton of seagulls.

Credits: fletchinski84

The beaches are sandy, which means it is a great place to take children, even if they are quite young (we took a toddler and he absolutely loved playing there, even though it was freezing) or if you have a dog, who might like a mad run around in the sun/wind!

Credits: fletchinski84

There are also the classic amusement arcades with their neon lights, video games, and stuffed toy prizes. Not only are these great for people with a sweet tooth like myself (hellooooo candyfloss!), but are also good for taking photographs with their light-up signage and funny logos.

Credits: fletchinski84

What I liked most about being in Hornsea was that it didn’t seem to matter that it was kind of a dull October day when I went there. Us Brits don’t mind the dull drizzly weather, and at least in Hornsea you have the beautiful views of the ocean to take your mind off the rubbish UK weather!

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