LomoPeople Malaysia: Lemoon


Her full name is Lai Yee Mun. Try to call her full name a few times with faster speed, then you will understand why I call her Lemoon. Meet my elder sister as I see her through the LC-A+ lens.

My lovely sister looks pretty in pink!

This special picture is dedicated to her. Beautiful on her big day, on my birthday, 22nd November 2008—over 3 years ago. I shot this with LC-A+, and since then it always brought me luck. I won my first ever rumble in lomographyasia.com and it brings me much love into this analogue world which lasts until today!

Being the youngest in the family, I was raised full of love and care from my family members. When I was still young, I was hoping for freedom and always get annoyed by those calls from family. Now as I’m getting older, I’m still hoping for freedom, but I enjoy getting annoyed by those calls and text messages from family. I realized, love from family is always the warmest thing on earth.

She is the one in the family who cares for everyone and is the most sentimental one. She often asks this very silly question: " Do you miss jiejie?" (Jiejie 姐姐 means sister in Chinese) Being the rebellious one in the family, I often said “No!”

Being my elder sister, she stands by my side no matter what. She knows what suits me best, what my favorite flavor of cakes or drinks, and what I like to do on certain times of the day. No one could understand me better than her—and mom, and dad too, and okay lah, my brother also! Hahahahaha!

She is my model of many pictures in my album, shopping partner, my roommate (before his hubby take over my place :() and my best friend. Would love to take this opportunity, and wish my sister—my best LomoPeople ever—have a happy married life, and I’m so blessed that we were siblings!

It may be late but happy 3rd wedding anniversary to you and my lovely ‘jie fu’ (brother-in-law)! Love you both always!

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  1. ewen
    ewen ·

    It's so good to have a sister ;)

  2. cutebun
    cutebun ·

    awww <3

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