Clever Collages by Agnes Montgomery


Agnes Montgomery is an artist who makes one-of-a-kind collages made out of found paper. View her wonderful works of art after the break.

image © Agnes Montgomery via Agnes Montgomery

Agnes Montgomery is a self-taught artist who creates surreal collages out of found paper, scissors and a magnifying lamp. When looking at her collages, you can easily be transported to a different world, perhaps one where you can remain in your childhood. Her collages have a certain charm that will draw you to the image.

Each part of the collage is carefully put in place to produce a whole new picture and it’s amazing how she can make the collage seem as if it’s not made from different elements. Everything just works together in a harmonic flow.

Agnes Montgomery was taught by her mother how to make these collages. Her first interest was in jewellery design and even served as an apprentice to a mosaic artist. After this, she began to work on collages. The elements found on her works of art come from different sources like vintage clippings. Agnes Montgomery displayed her collages in an exhibit and from then on, her popularity grew. Apart from displaying her work at exhibitions, she also creates collages as album covers for some musicians.

View more of Agnes Montgomery’s collages:

images © Agnes Montgomery via Agnes Montgomery

Visit Agnes Montgomery’s official website here

Agnes Montgomery's Blog
The Vine

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