BOH Tea Plantation, Malaysia


One of the most remarkable places in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia is the BOH Tea Plantation, which is the largest tea plantation in Malaysia.

Because of the cool climate in Cameron Highlands, it is an ideal place to grow tea. There is also a small tea house to stop by and relax. You can have a cup of nice, warm tea and some cakes to go with it.

The journey to the BOH Tea House is quite challenging. The road to the tea house is very narrow, sufficiently wide for two vehicles to pass through. I highly recommend you to walk, even though it is a long way up to the tea house but it is more enjoyable than driving because you get to pick the tea leaves on your way up. Furthermore, you can avoid traffic congestion.

Upon reaching the tea house, you may want to go for a factory tour, which is completely free of charge. Guided factory tours are provided to show how the tea leaves are processed.

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Here are some photos of the BOH Tea Plantation from some of our fellow lomographers.

Credits: eva_eva, jingseng, jamdadu & la0da

If you are looking for a place to relax, the BOH tea house is a must visit.

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