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Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York is a short trip on the L train from Manhattan. When you get off at Bedford Avenue, you’re immediately greeted with cafes and people selling all types of random things on the pavements.

Williamsburg is such a great area to aimlessly wander around the streets admiring the fusion between gentrified warehouse developments and vacant blocks of derelict land.

Exploring the blocks bordered by Driggs Ave, Metropolitan Ave, Kent Ave, and North 14th Street will provide you with a wealth of photographic opportunities and plenty of spots to stop and quench any thirst you work up.

Some of my favorite things to do in Williamsburg include:

- Hitting the Smorgasbord Market on Saturdays during the day
- Having a sneaky drink at the Radagast Bier Hall
- Checking out the countless vinyl and vintage shops
- Checking out new street art which has randomly appeared since the last time I explored the area.

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