Saddle Your Dreams Before You Ride 'Em - Dutch Inspiration

When I was a teenager I had to cycle to and from school every day. 40 Minutes of peddling through the city on my much loved bicycle. I really enjoyed those moments. What I didn’t enjoy where those moments that I got to my bike and realized I had forgotten to put a saddle cover on my saddle and I would have to cycle home with a wet behind.

Foto: PretletterP

Most of the pictures I shoot are the everyday musings I encounter living and working in Amsterdam. Every now and then, I have a moment of clarity (or so I like to think) and I get obsessed with a certain subject to capture with my camera. I love color, patterns, advertisements and I love the simple things in life. One of the most simple yet effective articles we Dutchies love is the little cover we put on our bicycle saddle. This strange and relatively new (I think it got popular in the past 10 years) article tickled every creative fiber in me and I decided to start collecting pictures of them. As with everything I capture on film, I have to make up stories to accompany the images.

Thanks to the saddlecovers we have yet another outlet for our ‘unique’ personalities. We’ll do anything to stand out and be special, even put a ridiculous little plastic cover on a saddle. The hip and happening mom with the carrier cycle puts a overpriced ‘BikeCap’ on her one of a kind design. The businessman that comes home every day and cycles home from the station encounters a free bank advertisement cover. The economy is shattered, yet they would like it if you would put your butt on their plastic.

Then there are the harlots of cycle covers. The college kids frankensteinbike was happy to have gotten a free cycle cover from the latest print magazine. But the nights in Amsterdam are harsh. It’s not long before another cover gets put onto the cycle. It will result in the college kid looking for his cycle, with the recognizable cover now replaced for hours. It won’t be till Monday before he will find his bike back…

Foto: PretletterP

I’ll keep taking pictures of the saddle covers as long as I keep bumping into new ones! I shoot them with my Diana Mini on olor negative film. Check out the collection.

written by pretletterp on 2011-11-26 #lifestyle #amsterdam #netherlands #dutch #diana-mini
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