Washi Tape Your Cameras!


Here’s a suggestion to dress up your camera – get some tape and stick it on.

Items needed:

  • pretty looking washi tape
  • craft knife
  • a camera you want to customize.

I got my washi tapes from a local store, but if you do a quick google, you should be able to locate online shops that offer more variety.

Before you get started, check around the grooves and little corners of the camera for dust. Use a brush to reach corners where you’ll otherwise have a hard time cleaning out.

Once we’re clear of dust, decide where you’d like the tape to go onto. I’ve picked the outer areas of the Sprocket Rocket, the edges along this can be used to determine if the tapes are aligned properly. Pull out a length of a tape, and use the edge as a guide to ensure correct alignment.

Be sure to press the tape down to the edges tightly so it’s easier to remove excess. I used my nails to press the tape down. For the tight corners where the curve of the lens meet the edge, I used a ruler and the blunt side of my knife.

Once you’re sure the alignment is right, and the tape is tight; trace a sharp knife along the edges. Use slight force to ensure a clean cut. Because the surface we’re dealing with here is rough, there should be no need to worry about leaving cut marks when you remove the tape next time.

Peel off the excess; it should be easy if a sharp knife was used.

Repeat process until you’re happy with your dressed up camera.

The tape should stay on for a long time. When the day comes for you to decide that your camera needs a new look; just peel the tape off to find that it leaves no adhesive mark. Yay!

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  1. adzfar
    adzfar ·

    I prefer the blue tape. Hehehe.

  2. nylaina
    nylaina ·

    yeah the blue tape really looks cool :3

  3. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    Nice work.

  4. poochfan
    poochfan ·

    My Diana Mini has no room.

  5. derrick
    derrick ·

    think i'll do this to my Lavec LT-002. :)

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