Newcomer of the Week: Pikachumastah

This time, we have here another new-shooter on the Lomo block that grabbed our attention as of late with her carefree outlook in regards of the way she uses her Diana camera and how she gets by with her very young analogue life!

Credits: pikachumastah

Name: Ana Puljić
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Camera Shelf: Diana F+

How did you find out about the community and who/what convinced you to join?

I don’t really remember where I first saw Lomographs but I remember falling in love immediately with them! I love that they are so different from what I’ve seen before, and I’ve also learned that the difference wasn’t made by some program, but solely by someone’s small, plastic, analogue camera! I didn’t need anybody to tell me to join, since that was the only logical decision.

Is there anyone in the Lomographic Society you look up to? If yes, who is him/her and why?

Usually, I don’t tend to have role-models or idols, but I do respect people’s work. Also, I don’t know many Lomographers in person except for one (shoutout to Damjan!) You could say I envy him because he has tons of awesome cameras and equipment and much more knowledge than I do, plus of course, his pictures are amazing!

As you have read the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography, what rule do you apply in your everyday life?

From the big 10, I “use” two of them, I suppose. Not intentionally though, of course. The most famous one – “Don’t think”, and the one that says that you don’t have to know beforehand what you’ve captured, as I very often don’t. And with experience (which I still don’t have a lot, not to be fooled) I’ve learned that the photos I’ve made without preparing and thinking came out the best. There’s a small parallel with life in general here.

In this digital age, why still film?

Because each of these photos matter in a way. They will forever stay as a reminder of some moment, memory, or at least until they turn into dust. For some reason I cherish those that I can feel with my hands, than those on my hardware. And the awesome thing is that every Lomograph you take can turn out to be something completely different from what you thought it would be! You’re just too sure with digital, and where’s fun in that?

Share your current favorite Lomograph (could be yours or a friend’s) and explain why it is your favorite

Since I just joined the Lomography site a few weeks ago, I didn’t see that much of other people’s photos, so I think I’ll humbly choose one of my photos this time. This one I took this last summer in Denmark. My friend and I were about to leave the beach, we were cleaning our feet from sand, and I saw this boy coming with his dad. I was observing them and then he sat on the top of the stairs, and I was like ‘Whoa this looks perfect!’ and I quickly grabbed my Diana, afraid that I might lose this chance and took a photo, without flash, without setting the focus. And it came out to be the best picture from Denmark that I took!

Newbie, rookie, neophyte or whatever you call them, our new breed of the ever-growing band of Lomographers are set to conquer the analogue land with their brand new hip-shooting abilities! And this is where we feature them along with their wistful thoughts and the freshest snaps each week!

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