The City of Lights


Thanks to the double exposures and the bokeh technique, we can achieve surprisingly beautiful effects at our photos.

The multiple exposures can be achieved with our precious cameras Holga, Diana, LC-A+… but they can also become possible by shooting with the same film more than once, and this is what gave birth to this tipster.

Let me explain:

This summer I was given a biscuit maker as a gift, which came with various templates with different patterns. These small discs were a new discovery for me.

Thus, I would place these templates in front of one of my cameras and I would go out for a walk at night taking pictures of the lights, just like it is described here.

What came out was photos of small lights with a backround that was almost totally black. When we get something like this we have the opportunity to expose the part of the film that was left black by shooting the whole film again and creating a backround for our new photos.

For this reason, when I finished with the first series of shots, I re-loaded the film and this time I took normal ones.

The result can have the title The City of Lights!

Credits: cohetesnaranjas

written by cohetesnaranjas on 2011-11-10 #gear #tutorials #film #bokeh #tipster #double-exposure
translated by bigbadwolf


  1. syira690
    syira690 ·

    nice one! totally going to try this!!!! but first where can i find that cute mask?

  2. xthyra
    xthyra ·

    i reaaally love this : )

  3. nicoleger
    nicoleger ·

    Nicee!! I so wanna try this! :D

  4. cohetesnaranjas
    cohetesnaranjas ·

    @syira 690 You can make the masks with black paper and scissors :)

  5. pelorucho
    pelorucho ·

    thats a good idea! going to try this one :D

  6. charlotte-ayers
    charlotte-ayers ·

    EPIC! cant wait to try this!

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