For the Love of Grain: Fuji Sensia 400


If you are not afraid to have a little bit of grain in your photos, or even better, if you’d love to make your shots a bit grainy, Fuji Sensia 400 is the film to use.

I was lucky enough to come across 10 rolls of expired Sensia 400 – vintage 2003. As a huge fan of the pink Sensia 100, I did not hesitate to purchase it all.

For my first roll, I loaded it into my Konica underwater camera on a trip to Vietnam as when it comes to underwater cameras I tend to find that 400 ISO should be the fastest ISO to use. It was a wise decision not only for the light requirement but when this film is cross processed it gives a lovely blue tone – a lighter blue for well exposed images and a darker greenish blue for slightly underexposed images.

There are 36 exposures on a roll, so depending on your camera, you will get from 8 Spinner 360 shots, 18 Sprocket Rocket shots, or 36+ for any single negative cameras.

Being a 400 ISO film, it is great for daylight use as well as for any night time bulb mode shots. This film does not hide its grain which is surprising for a medium ISO film – although as mentioned my rolls all expired in 2003, so that could have affected the film. Although the grain gives the images an expired feel, which I personally like.

You can use this film in pretty much any camera as it is not as dependant on light as lower iso films that prefer a higher aperture and slower shutter speed. You can shoot this film on a camera with the most basic settings — cloudy or sunny, bulb or normal.

So try a roll and instead of going against the grain, just go with it!

Fuji Sensia 400 35mm yields lovely results no matter how it’s processed. When cross-processed, Fuji shots have huge contrast and a total colour shift towards green & cream, blue, or even pink – depending on your developer. See the whole range of colour slides in our Shop.

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  1. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    I'm a Sensia fan.

  2. carolinep008
    carolinep008 ·

    amazing photos!

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